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How to deal with free trials and demos on your brand new PC

How to deal with free trials and demos on your brand new PC
Buy any new PC these days and you'll find it full of trial and demo software that does little, bar use up your computer's space. Gaf Hussain has found a handy tool for dealing with these superfluous pieces of software.

So it’s Christmas Day and you finally get the laptop you have been waiting for! You unwrap it eagerly, turn it on and find it has Windows 7 on it.Great choice, great Operating System and, oh look, loads of storage! >Even better with 4GB memory, and a 64bit processor, you know this machine is going to be lightning quick.

Looking at the facts and figures it should be fast, but what I’ve come across in recent years is the amount of unwanted software preinstalled on new machines that slow them down completely.

You expect your computer to be clean, lean and mean. Wrong! Buy any new PC, and you'll find it full of software installed for no reason other than that the PC maker gets paid to put it there (or because they really think you’ll want it). A lot of the software is purely a trial version of the actual software; one common case of this is anti-virus software. A lot of the big companies do deals with PC makers to have a trial version pre-installed. These random bits of software slow down your PC start-up and its general operation.

In a small amount of cases, these small pieces of software can be great – something you never knew you needed, but now cannot live without. However, on , but on the whole, this is just software clogging up your machine and you don’t need it at all. What I’ve normally done is to go through “Program and Features” (Windows Vista/7) or “Add & Remove Programs” (Windows XP) and remove all the software that I don’t need. However, this can be quite tedious and frustrating.

That’s why I’ve started using the “PC Decrapfier” tool.It does a great job and is free for home use.

You just download and run it – there’s nothing to install and has an easy-to-follow Wizard.

It presents you with a list of software the Decrapfier believes to be software that you don’t need. Carefully look through the list and tick the box next to each software selection. Click next and follow the instructions.

The software also provides a restore point option before you actually remove any software, which is handy, just in case you remove a piece of software by accident.

I strongly recommend you remove the unneccessary software when you get a new machine. It helps run your machine a lot smoother and cuts down on the annoying reminder pop ups asking you to upgrade or buy the full version.

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