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Free Cloud Backup for All

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What's your backup plan? If you are relying on old hard drives it might be time to rethink. Hannah explains why Cloud Backup is the way to go.

Let’s talk about Cloud Backup...

What’s your backup plan? More specifically: where is your data saved and how much of it could you afford to lose?

Unsure? To help, let’s try a mini quiz…

It’s 9am on Monday morning and you’ve just arrived at work. You grab a cup of coffee and turn your PC on – but to your horror your server has had a humongous disk failure and all your data has disappeared.

Do you…

A. Realise you should have listened to all the advice about the importance of backing up and try to work out how you are going to continue running a business without any remaining data.

B. Search for your backup drive (this is more troublesome if you take it home every night) and hope that the person responsible has consistently remembered to change it and plug it back in.

C. Head to your cloud backup account, start restoring your data and resume the working day.


If you answered A or B, we have some things to talk about. If you are in position A, there is no doubt you are in a very risky position – losing your data would see the disappearance of your entire business overnight. And if you are in camp B, did you know all drives will fail eventually? They are after all just machines, like everything they get tired and worn out. Plus, physical hard drives are vulnerable to fires/floods/break-ins. Oh, and are you 100% sure that whoever is responsible for changing drives has been doing it?

The great news is, cloud backup doesn’t struggle with any of these issues, which is why we love it. It is…

Secure – You can’t drop the cloud or have it stolen, plus all your data is encrypted.

Flexible – As your business data grows, so does your server size – and vice versa.

Reliable – Datacentres have a whole standby system to protect from power outages and troublesome internet connections – systems that most offices don’t have in place.

Automatic – We can setup the backup to run every night, which takes the human element out of remembering, and saves you some time too!

Interested? We are currently offering free cloud backup trials. Sign up today, here

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