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Handy Windows Tips #1: Five handy Command Line shortcuts

Handy Windows Tips #1: Five handy Command Line shortcuts
Ross shows how to use the command line to save time and remove stress

The command line may seem like a throwback to the days before Graphic User Interfaces such as Windows became the norm. But it does have uses outside of MS DOS nostalgia. Below are my top five tricks and shortcuts for using the Command Line.

But first thing's first, we need to open the command line. This is easy: open the Start menu, click "All Programs", "Accessories" and then "Run".


Send a Command's Output to the Clipboard

When using any command if you add "| clip" to the end it will copy the output to the clipboard

ipconfig | clip


Open Command Prompt From a Folder

To open a command prompt and have it go to the folder you are currently in hold shift while right-clicking on a folder and the option will appear in the context menu.

Open Command Line Window

Command History

Typing "doskey /history" will show a full list of previously used commands.


Drag and Drop Files to Change the Current Path

Rather than typing a long complicated file path to change to simply drag and drop the folder into the  command line box and it will jump to that location.

Change File Path

Run Multiple Commands In One Go

Running multiple commands at once by separating them with double ampersands. You can do this with any command and you can link up as many as you want

Run Multiple Commands


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