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Do I Need an IT Support Contract?

Do I Need an IT Support Contract?
An outline of the advantages of an IT support contract and why schools and businesses would consider one.

This is one of the questions we get asked frequently- and the simple answer is yes ... but let's qualify that!

Advantages Of An IT Support Contract:

1. Free Up Valuable Staff

Often the IT co-coordinator is also the main point of contact for IT related problems - they are the IT technician too. This often leads to them being overstretched, and unable to focus on the delivery of curriculum objectives because they are too busy dealing with technical issues. A contract means an IT technician will be on-site to deal with those technical issues, freeing up the IT co-coordinator to focus on the delivery of the curriculum.

2. Someone to Call

Quality IT Support means there is someone to call in an emergency, and someone to carry out the daily tasks of running a network - what would you do if:

  • If my server suddenly stopped working so that my whole network is unusable, who would I call?
  • All my computers have a virus - What do I do ?
  • Users are gaining access to documents and other sensitive sensitive information on the network, how do I stop this?
  • I have a new teacher/employee who needs a username and password, who can set this up?

3. Highly Trained Experts

Managing and running a network is no small task. With Servers and Anti-Virus, TCP/IP and Broadband, Active Directory and Security. An IT Support contract with Resolve means you get a highly trained IT professional looking after your network - someone who understands the technology.

4. Planning

What will happen in 3 Years time? What about budgets? What do I need to invest in? Because you have your own specialist on-site you can benefit from all there experience and knowledge. You will get help in planning you IT provision, budgeting and knowing what is up and coming in the next few years.

Questions People Ask

Q - Can't I Just Pay When Something Goes Wrong?

A - Yes - but it is more expensive! Engineer call-outs are expensive, and you may struggle to get an engineer on-site when you want. Also, a network will work better with regular maintenance.

Q - How about employing a full-time engineer with other schools?

A - A few schools do this, but what happens if they leave, or one school drops-out, or are on long-term ill?

Q - Can't we just phone the CLC?

A - The CLC will advise and help you with education IT matters, but they won't fix or help you with any network problems.

Resolve IT Solutions offer IT Support Contracts in Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley and over South Yorkshire. For a Free IT Audit and to discuss further, please phone 0114 299 4050. 

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