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Ditch the Disinterested IT Provider and Move to Resolve

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield Ditch the Disinterested IT Provider and Move to Resolve
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Efficient IT systems are integral to the smooth operation of any business. For emails to send, the internet needs to work; for documents to be created, PCs need to work, and for data to be protected, back-up drives need to work. The list could go on. If any one of these systems fails, it can result in wasted time, headaches and disgruntled customers for days on end. This is bad enough, but what if your IT providers are so disinterested in your troubles they are slow to respond?

Such a scenario sounds all too familiar to MVIS, who found themselves tired of working with an IT firm that was not providing the level of support they desired. General Manager Anne Ashman notes: “The customer service was appalling with our previous supplier.  We would ring with an issue and no one would call us back. The internet constantly dropped out, sometimes for days and they wouldn’t send anyone out to fix it.  As we all know, you can’t run a business in this day and age with no internet.” Luckily, Resolve was soon on the case. Managing Director Andrew Seaton went to scope out the situation, and came up with a variety of fixes, including faster, more reliable internet, a new backup solution, and – of course – quality IT support.

We all like a happy ending, and MVIS had some pretty lovely things to say after the install: “It has been a refreshing change to work with Resolve.  The customer service is second to none, I can’t fault it. The internet is much better and has been built up gradually to meet our needs, rather than having the most expensive supply to start with. The best part for me is that our Account Manager, Peter, is actually hands-on and understands the technical issues. With the previous company the Account Manager had no technical experience. I like the familiarity that we have with the customer service team and how well they handle everything.  I would highly recommend Resolve.”

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