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Create PDFs easily and for free

Create PDFs easily and for free
Many people like to create PDF files for many different reasons, this article gives you a small guide on how you can create PDFs easily and for free

Many people would like to create PDFs for many different reasons - be it to stop someone editing a document proof or just as a professional way to send a document in an e-mail. One of the easiest ways is to use a free program called PDF995. This is a free program, which puts up an advertising screen when it prints – if you want to get rid of this screen, you can buy the software for $9.95.

This program acts like a virtual printer, in the sense that when you’ve finished your document, you go to print (Figure 1) and select the PDF995 as the printer (Figure 2) then press Ok. Once you have done this, PDF995 gets to work into converting your document into a PDF, which you can then save to anywhere on your computer (Figure 3).

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

The best thing is, you can use PDF995 with any program that has the functionality to print

To install PDF995 you need to download and install 2 files, they automatically install and do not require any user input.

Click here to download file 1

Click here to download file 2

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