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Create an Outlook Email Template

Create an Outlook Email Template
How to create and use your own email templates in Outlook

How to Create an OutLook Email Template

I've recently been sending a lot of emails that say pretty much the same thing. One is a daily report which has a set format and the others are information emails that go to different people but need to be personalised. You could do this by copying the information form one email to another but this isn't really that efficient so I have created an email template that I can open, alter some small bits of key information like dates and names and then send. This is much quicker than doing a copy and paste or trying to remember what I wrote last time.

So how do you create a custom email template?

 Well that's really easy all you have to do is compose your email and then save it as a template by picking the "Outlook Template" type

 Outlook Template Image 1

Outlook will default to saving it in the Microsoft Templates folder in your user settings. I would suggest saving it there because it makes it easier to find later, but you could put it wherever you want to.

Any of the information in the email can be saved so if you are sending the email to the same address every time, include the address in the template. If there is information you need to alter make sure you indicate this in some way and make it stand out so you don't forget to change it and say send the email without the key date!


Now I have my template, how do I use it?

Once you have created your template you can call it up any time you want to by going to File>New>Choose form or from the drop down menu on the New button on the tool bar. With Outlook 2010 it is in Home>New Items>More Items>Choose Form. You will then be presented with the "Choose Form" window. In the "Look In" box pick "User Templates in File System".

 Outlook Template Image 2

Now if you saved your template in the default location it will appear in the list. If not you will need to browse for it. All you need to do now is chose your template and click Open. You can now alter the key data and send your email.

What happens if I need to edit my template?

If you need to edit your template just open it and change what you need to. When you save it though make sure you go through the process of "Saving As" rather than just saving it, otherwise your changes will be saved as a draft email and not to the template.

Phantom emails in the Outbox

When you create or edit an email and then save as a template you will notice that it appears in the Outbox and just sits there. If you want to use this copy to send you will need to open it and manually click the send button. Alternatively it can just be deleted.

You may also notice an email in the Drafts folder. This happens if you save your email template whilst editing it. Again these drafts can just be deleted.

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