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Celebrating International Women's Day

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield Celebrating International Women's Day
To mark International Women's Day we gathered our female team together for a photo to celebrate their contribution to the IT sector.

Today is the day when we celebrate the achievements of women across the globe. We have lots of wonderful female staff at Resolve that provide expertise in finance, marketing, IT, HR, project management and administration.

The tech industry is notorious for being inaccessible to women, so we thought we’d chat to our female technical staff to find out how they find working in the IT industry.

Sam has been working in IT for three years and works on our helpdesk. She likes technology because “it is changing and is always exciting to me. It’s interesting to understand how technology works and to resolve complex tech problems.” She is a big supporter of more women getting into IT too. “I would definitely say if you are interested in IT, go for it! It’s a rewarding job with great career progression.”

Eliza is Resolve’s technical coordinator currently studying Computer Science with the Open University. When she isn’t at work, she is busy writing her dissertation which focuses on data mining and analysis of social networks. She says: “Working in technology allows me to have first-hand experience in dealing with state-of-the-art procedures and software. I believe technology can benefit humanity in many ways and it’s great being close to where the action happens.”

Unsurprisingly, she also hopes more women move into the tech sector too. She has some cracking advice for young women considering work in IT. “My advice would be that you can do it, just as well as anyone else. There will certainly be times when it is harder to get your point across or when people doubt you because they see computing as a man’s job. Don’t let this intimidate you. If you are interested in learning programming, or networking, there are several online courses and study materials you can look up in your free time to see if it interests you.”

Eliza also has a good list of female tech heroes from history. She has highlighted a few for us here, so we can also marvel at their achievements...

Hedy Lamarr pioneered frequency data hopping which is still used in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology today.

Ada Lovelace is often referred to as the first computer programmer. She developed several languages for Charles Babbage’s analytical engine.

Grace Hopper co-developed COBOL, one of the earliest computer languages. While not that popular anymore, it is still present in business systems today.

Jean Bartik is one of the first women in computer science. She was selected to be a programmer on the ENIAC, one of the earliest digital machines.

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