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Lost and Stolen Business Smartphones Secured Forever

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield Lost and Stolen Business Smartphones Secured Forever
So, your servers are secure with antivirus/firewalls/backup drives installed. But what about smartphones? Jude's got all the mobile security solutions.

As businesses across the world will well know, the mobile workforce is now an absolutely crucial element of its operation. In times gone by, only a specific department or branch was required to have constant access to company resources, be that files on the server or the email system. Today, however, it’s a common expectation to have connectivity to the company network from any device, anywhere in the world. At a very minimum, being able to check your emails from your mobile device is something now taken for granted.

With this increasing shift towards a mobile workforce, the threat of data loss or cyber attack is no longer something confined to the corporate network; now, every member of staff has company data with them at all times in their pockets or bags, on their smartphone or their tablet. In 2015, there was a reported 442,000 stolen mobile devices; the number of lost devices would likely be in the millions.

To realise how potent this threat is, let's consider the series of events that could unfold if a member of your team loses their phone and it ends up in the wrong hands. At the very minimum, the company email account is compromised, and that can include spoofing emails, data theft (later sold on the web) and account hacking (think, "click here to reset your password using your email account"). These are just a few of the posibilities.

At Resolve, we'd rather protect against such threats than have to deal with the scenario above. We're always on the look out for new ways to ensure your systems are secure and a product that has emerged head and shoulders above the competition over the last few years when it comes to mobile security is ESET. Anybody familiar with the ESET product line will know how effective their tools are, and, although often going under the radar, they have a fantastic reputation.

ESET Mobile Security protects your employees and their data in some very clever ways;

1. Full Device Antivirus and Antimalware; just like on your PC, ESET is working constantly on your phone to protect from any nasty software which may find its way in.
2. GPS Tracking; from your Server, you can track the devices GPS location at any given time. If it falls into the wrong hands, you know exactly where it is.
3. Remote Wipe/Lock and Trace; if an employee might happen to leave their phone on a train or have their tablet stolen, a quick call to your IT team and we can remotely wipe all data from the device, irreversibly lock it (only you have the unlock code!), or trace its location.
4. SIM Card Protection; the first thing a knowing thief will do, should they steal your mobile device, is to remove the SIM card. With ESET protecting your mobile workforce, this is their second mistake (the first being stealing the device to begin with!). ESET gets straight to work by completely locking itself once another SIM card is installed, and reports the activity back to the Server.

Further to the four features above, there is a whole host of other useful tools for both the user of the phone and the company administrator. You can set up call blocking, SMS filtering, antispam, select allowed apps and much more.

Perhaps its winning card is its ability to be able to add these mobile devices into the same console in which all company computers are managed, allowing IT Managers and Administrators to have complete control over their company mobile devices.

ESET Mobile Security is a comprehensive solution, which is far more than antivirus. It’s a complete mobile device management solution, which I would highly recommend to businesses of any size, no matter how at risk you feel you may be.

If you'd like further information on ESET solutions tailored for your business, fill in the call back form below.


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