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The Best Music Production Plugins in 2016

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield The Best Music Production Plugins in 2016
Ross is our resident music production guru - he selects five of the best plugins to make sweet sounding music in 2016.

Recently, I have been testing some new plugins/synths and have selected my top five must-have items for 2016, and here they are:

Wave Arts – TrackSpace
As is always the case, simple is best. This plugin will sidechain the frequencies of one track from another in real time. This can be great for say removing kick frequencies from a sub as opposed to removing them constantly, this simply prevents them from clashing when they both play together.

Logic’s Alchemy
Logic 10.2 featured some fairly massive changes, including throwing the integration of Camel Audio’s Alchemy into the mix. This synth can do it ALL: additive, spectral, formant, granular, sampling and virtual analog synthesis. What an addition by Apple to the Logic arsenal!

XferRecords Serum
Can Serum achieve the dizzing usage rates of NI’s Massive? I think it can and it sounds beautiful. It is simply a joy to programme and use.

Fab Filter Pro Q2
Possibly the best EQ in the world, in my opinion. There are some great features, including filter shapes, precision and the way you can EQ based on notes not just frequency. But, my main reason for naming Fab Filter Pro Q2 “the best” is due to the amazing Spectrum Grab, where you can overlay the frequency spectrum of two channels, allowing you to see clearly how they are affecting each other - which is invaluable for tasks such as kick and sub balance.

iZotope RX Final Mix
This plugin is quite simply amazing when used in conjunction with Ozone. It can achieve a level of smooth loudness that simply cannot be achieved with just one or even multiple Ozones. Nice work iZotope! 


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