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BES Express Installation MAPI Settings Error with Exchange 2013

BES Express Installation MAPI Settings Error with Exchange 2013
Kyran solves a common problem when installing the Blackberry Enterprise Server

This blog post is about the seemingly common error when installing BES Express (Blackberry Enterprise Server).

BES can be a difficult beast to tame, but it is a great piece of software for managing Blackberry devices.

The first thing I would suggest is to make sure all the Blackberry advised pre-requisites are done. This can be found on the Blackberry website. Once that has been completed start the process of installing BES, make sure you are logged in as the BESAdmin account. 

Now, here's the science bit: if you get to the part of the installation where it requires MAPI settings and asks for the Microsoft Exchange server name and the Mailbox name, having filled these in you might receive the following error.

MAPI Settings

After receiving this error I entered the Exchange Server name and "BESAdmin" mailbox as the name, but it didn't work. After spending quite a lot of time troubleshooting, I finally found the missing piece to the puzzle, and found that this was the wrong thing to do. Instead of putting the name of the Exchange Server in the Exchange server information you have to put the FQDN of the Global Catalog on your domain, and in the mailbox space put the domain user logon name. In most cases, having done the pre-requisites this should be "BESAdmin." Make sure the "Perform View-Only Administrator permissions check checkbox in unchecked. Again, it should look something like this:

BES Express Installation

Having followed these steps correctly, clicking "Next" should pass you on to the next step with no issues!

I hope this has helped you get around the issue surrounding the Blackberry Enterprise Server Installations, any questions on this then feel free to comment and I'll do my best to assist. 

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  1. Phillip

    Thank you so much for this. I have been struggling with our stupid BESExpress server for days trying to reconfigure this and kept getting account errors and MApi errors. Followed your steps and worked instantly.

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