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Benefits of an Office Refurbishment

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield Benefits of an Office Refurbishment
The team at Dale Office know a thing or two about upgrading work space and offices. They outline the seven ways an office refurbishment can benefit staff.

A year ago, we upgraded the Resolve offices. We painted the walls, got a new carpet and decorated the space with colourful posters and plants. The highlight was the addition of a giant logo in the meeting room (thanks Broadfield signs!)

Our friends at Dale Office regularly upgrade offices and they wrote a blog about the seven benefits of giving your work space a spruce up. Of course, if you want to move things around in your office, give us a call before you unplug the server.

And without further ado, here is Benefits of an Office Refurbishment from Dale Office: 

You may be unsure whether your office would really benefit from a fresh interior, but here are a few pointers worth considering:

1. Enhances employee satisfaction
The way your staff feel has a huge impact on their work and on the business, so making the environment in which they work attractive and comfortable can pay dividends.

2. Helps increase productivity
Happy and comfortable employees are more productive at work, as numerous studies have shown, which means increased profits for the business

3. Gives your workspace a modern and dynamic look
A bright, clean office will have a positive impact on both current and potential clients and talent. First impressions count for a lot in business so it’s well worth investing.

4. Optimises space
Reviewing your overall workspace layout and planning how best to use the available space is key to a successful fit out. Remember that partitions can be used to better define areas or to give extra privacy where needed.

5. Allows for advances in technology
Making even small improvements to technology in the workplace, such as investing in faster wifi or in a couple of communal tablet devices can boost staff motivation and improve efficiency and productivity as a result.

6. Reinforces brand image
Does your office sufficiently reflect your brand and company principles? It should. A refreshed interior incorporating the right colours can leave a lasting impact on staff and clients alike.

7. Saves energy
Alongside the clear aesthetic benefits, a fit out can help the environment too. It provides an excellent opportunity to reduce energy consumption within the company and install energy efficient fixtures, fittings and equipment.

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