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Backtrack 4 DVD .ISO Burning

Backtrack 4 DVD .ISO Burning
A small amount of information on how to burn the latest Backtrack 4 Beta distribution ISO onto a DVD using Nero (or similar), where you may be experiencing problems with Nero asking for CD media to be

LiveCD/DVDs  (Bootable CD/DVDs) are incredibly handy, especially those which give some variety of full operating system usage without needing to change/install anything on your hard drive.

Backtrack 4 ( is the latest Beta release of's Security Analyst aimed Distribution. Although Backtrack is a specialist distribution, and we never use most of its tools (of which it boasts over 300), occassionally Resolve finds Backtrack very useful when checking local computer components. Having been long time users of Backtrack's previous versions, Beta 4 attracted our attention as something to experiment with and learn about.

Unfortunately, and from a simple Google search we know we weren't the only users suffering from this problem, the Beta4.iso download from gave us an .iso image that Nero was not happy with. Specifically, Nero requested CDR / RW media to be inserted into the drive to burn the iso image, rather than DVDR / RW media - which as you can deduce from the download size/description, is required due to the size of Backtrack 4.

Whilst with other "burning" programmes you may not experience issues - is rumoured to not have this issue - like us, you might actually just want to be able to use the piece of software you have a license for, and trust.

So, for those of you out there who are also suffering from this same DVD / CD Media problem, heres how we managed to successfully burn a DVD from the downloaded ISO.

Step 0) We assume you already have downloaded the .iso image!
Step 1) Download/Install  WInRAR - or any other software that will allow you to examine the contents of the .ISO file
Step 2) Open the .ISO in WinRAR and extract the contents (two folders - boot and BT4) to your preferred location (C:\ ??) N.B. This may take a while to process.
Step 3) Within the BT4 folder, there is a .bat file called "make_iso.bat", we need to run this in order to re-make an ISO for burning.
Step 4) Open up command prompt on your machine (Start --> Run --> cmd)
Step 5) Within the command prompt, navigate to the extracted BT4 folder, using the cd command - e.g. cd c:\bt4
Step 6) Run the "make_iso.bat" file using the following command - make_iso.bat C:\BT4 - Again this will take a while - N.B. you can alter the C:\BT4 within this command to specific a different place to make the new .ISO in  - be sure that you have enough space to create this new ISO!
Step 7) When the batch file has completed, check the specified location for a new .ISO file - This may be 3GB in size...or more.
Step 8) Load Nero Express (or whatever Nero you like/another burning application) - Specify the new .ISO location as an ISO to be burnt, and now it will ask for DVD media, rather than CD Media.
Step 9) Enjoy Backtrack 4 responsibly.

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