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Ask Ben - Online forms not working?

Ask Ben - Online forms not working?
Online forms won't work because Java isn't installed.

Dear Ben,

When I go to the website http://www.******* and try to fill in a form with some data, the actual form will not load!  Internet Explorer says the page has fully loaded but there is a little triangle with an exclamation point in the bottom left corner.  I have tried it on another machine and it works fine.  Can you help?

Mary Robinson, Barnsley.

Dear Mary,

This is one of the more common questions I am asked and, thankfully, has an easy solution.  The form you speak of sounds like it uses JavaScript.  Java is a type of language used for many things on the internet from forms to games.  Some years ago the Java plug-in used to be installed with Windows and would work straight away, however Microsoft and Sun Microsystems (the company who made the Java plug-in) have fallen out, so now you must download it separately.

Simply go to and click ‘free Java download' on the top left, and then follow the instructions.  After the installation your forms (and games) should work correctly!



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