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Ask Ben - Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc)

Ask Ben - Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc)
How to enable the Bcc option in Outlook & Outlook Express

Dear Ben,

I use Outlook Express and I would like to send out a mass e-mail, but I would not like any of the recipients to see who the other recipients are.  I have heard I need to use ‘BCC' but I don't know what it is and how to find it.

Jon Rhodes, Sheffield.

Dear Jon,

Outlook Express has the ability to send a Bcc (Blind carbon copy); however it needs to be enabled.

Open up Outlook Express and start a new e-mail.  Open the top of the message click ‘view', then click on ‘all headers'.

A Bcc box should now be seen below the Cc box.  Enter your addresses in here and they will all be kept private.

After sending the message, the only way you will be able to see who you sent the message to is to go to your sent items, right click on your message and go to properties, then finally click details.

To add Bcc in Microsoft Outlook (which usually comes with MS Office) open Outlook and start a new message.  Somewhere along the top you will see ‘options'.  Click the small black arrow to the right of this and click Bcc.



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