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All the reasons I like working at Resolve

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield All the reasons I like working at Resolve
Hannah utilised her journalistic skills to find out why people like working at Resolve. The results are in, and it is looking pretty good...

After a quick jaunt around the office, I found that there were some recurring themes when it came to why people enjoyed their days at Resolve, including working in a wonderful team and feeling like a valued member of staff. Here are a few comments in response to the question: why do you like working at Resolve?


"I love working here because I am surrounded by friendly and brilliant people!" 



"There is always a lovely atmosphere, great work mates and good support from management."



"I feel like I’m treated fairly as an individual but am still part of a great team. Our culture is friendly and supportive and our voices are always heard. We move fast, which is exciting from a technical point of view."



"I would say that I like working at Resolve because of the trust that is placed in me to manage my own workload, and the willingness of management to actively seek out positive changes within the company."



"The people, the values and the culture." 



"Because there is a relaxed environment in the office, there is time to speak to colleagues and get to know one another. I find my work very rewarding because I am in charge of managing it - I am never micromanaged. Of course, I love pizza at the team meetings and the beer trolley too!" 



"I really like the continued approach to innovation in technology and the willingness to embrace new services. Our attitude towards our customers is second to none, I love how the team is so committed to delivering an exceptional service."



"I like the relaxed dress code and friendly environment. There is time for a laugh and joke throughout the day. I am made to feel counted and not just a number - I feel like a valued and trusted member of the team."


If you fancy joining the team at Resolve, available jobs are always listed at Or you can drop our recruitment specialist a line at

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