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Adding Exchange Email to iPhone

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A quick guide to adding Exchange email to your iPhone.

When adding a new email account to your iPhone you will need to know a few details initially to get started. Generally, the process is quite simple and your Exchange server will populate the required fields automatically.

To get started, head to Settings on your device, and select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars".

Mail, Contacts, Calendars


Then click on "Add Account".

Add Account


You will then need to provide some basic details, including your email address, password and description. The description can be anything you want to specify.



Click "Next" to continue and you will see "Verifying" at the top.



At this point, Exchange will attempt to populate the required fields and if it passes, you will see the following screen, where you need to specify what information you wish to sync to your device.


Select which elements you require and click save.

If exchange is unable to populate the information, you will be asked for more details as shown here...
Exchange email


You may need to ask your IT Administrator for the required information. Once complete, click "Next" and provided the information entered is correct you will then see the sync screen.

Final Exchange screen

Finally, choose which elements you require and click "Save".


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