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A Week in the Life of a Resolve Apprentice

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield A Week in the Life of a Resolve Apprentice
We spend a week with the new Resolve apprentice, Guy Stewart.

One of the newest Resolve recruits is Guy Stewart, our wonderful IT Systems and Networking apprentice. When Guy isn't at college in Leeds, he is working in the office with us, getting to grips with our systems and settling in with the team. Moving into IT was a bit of a no-brainer for Guy as his dad was a programmer, so he spent his childhood surrounded by computers. In his dreams Guy would like to become a F1 Driver, but more realistically, he is aiming to become a contracted IT consultant for a bank. We spent a week with Guy to find out more about his role at Resolve...

Essay writing

Working on QA Assessments

QA assessments can cover a range of things. However, the most common type is written assessment. This is an essay that I write on a given topic, for example, I am currently doing one entitled "The Liability of IT Firms Under Current Data Protection Laws". I am sure it will be riveting! Other types of assessment can require me to demonstrate that I'm able to do my job properly, by taking screenshots as I work and then attaching them to my essays.



Managing some select support tickets

When I do support tickets, they are usually internal ones, eg. one of the team wants an upgrade or a machine isn't working. The external tickets I do will be cherry-picked for me and there will be an engineer with me to answer any questions. So, for example, I did a ticket with Neal the other day with him watching and giving me pointers.


Guy & Matt

Shadowing People

The team here is great - I can ask any of them anything and they will always try and answer to the best of their knowledge. I often go and sit with an engineer and get them to show me what they are doing. This helps me to see how day-to-day support is provided. I have already learnt a lot from this - far more than if I didn't ask.



Office Assitance

The internal work I do at Resolve can include a variety of things. It can range from fixing internal problems to packing stuff for shipping. It's really anything that might need doing around the office.


Guy & Al

Working with Helpdesk Team Leaders

The support here is really good. If someone has a problem you're able to ask anyone in any team to assist and they will. I find everyone really helpful.


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