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5 Ways Office 365 Can Reduce Downtime

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield 5 Ways Office 365 Can Reduce Downtime
Anthony outlines how Office 365 improves access to business documents and emails, limiting downtime and keeping your business afloat.

Nowadays, it’s pretty much essential to be able to access your business documents and emails anytime, anyplace. Fortunately, Office 365 is designed with that issue in mind; it is designed to reduce downtime and increase collaboration between employees. Here are five ways that Office 365 reduces downtime and boosts productivity:

1. The Cloud: With applications available on Office 365 such as OneDrive and SharePoint your personal and company files can be accessed from anywhere - even if you don’t have an internet connection! You can synchronise specific files to your hard drive meaning you can work offline then when you next have an internet connection the files are automatically synchronised to the cloud to ensure the newest version is available.

2. Collaboration: Gone are the days that to work on a document you would have to access it from a shared internal drive or need a colleague to email it to you. With features built into applications such as Word & Excel two people can work on the same document at the same time with changes saved in real time, this means no time is wasted sending documents via email. With additional applications such as Microsoft Teams, collaboration happens naturally through a mutually accessible platform.

3. 99.9% Uptime: As part of their Office 365 product, Microsoft offers a 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement. What this means is Microsoft guarantee that their products are online and available 99.9% of the time. To put this into perspective: for the four quarters of 2017 the lowest uptime was 99.97% with the highest being 99.99%. This gives you total confidence that your services will be available all year round.

4. Communication: With Skype for Business people can have conversations in real time without having to wait to meet. Using the instant messaging function, you can have single or group conversations, you can also use video conferencing to connect with multiple people from across the business.

5. Multiple Devices: With an Office 365 licence you can install Office products (Word, Excel, Outlook etc.) on up to five devices. This means you can have all your data on your desktop PC/Laptop, tablet and phone. All your important data is available at your fingertips ensuring you can remain productive wherever you are.

If you are thinking of moving to Office 365 but aren’t sure of the best options for you get in touch using the details below! Or read this blog where we answer the most common Office 365 questions:

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