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100% Control, 0% server - Security Benefits of Microsoft 365

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield 100% Control, 0% server - Security Benefits of Microsoft 365
Physical servers are on the decline, cloud storage is on the up, and with Microsoft 365 you can have more control of your business data. Anthony explains.

A common concern for business owners when considering moving away from on-premise servers and into the cloud is “Will I lose the control and accessibility of my data if it is in the cloud?”

Well, Microsoft 365 is the solution that offers businesses the chance to move into the cloud but retain full control of all their data with the knowledge that it is secure. So, what does it offer that will give you peace of mind as well as full control?

First of all, Microsoft 365 offers more control and security of your data, devices and policies than if you had a server on site. The central management admin console allows administrators to control all aspects of company data, from who can access certain files to where files can be sent, and which policies are in place for each device.

A good example of this is Information Rights Management. As an administrator you can manage your company’s mobile devices to limit what access they have to your company data. Through a series of toggles, you can grant/remove access to any part of your data, ensuring only the correct people access the correct data.

Another fantastic feature of the Information Rights Management system is the ability to remotely wipe company data from personal devices if the device is stolen or an employee leaves the company. This deletes any form of sensitive data from the device but amazingly leaves the rest of the devices data untouched.

Microsoft 365 also offers the ability to create security policies that are deployed to any company device on the network. One example of this is you can set a 4-digit PIN to access any company data, this can be on programmes such as Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Word. Microsoft 365 can also restrict the saving and copying of company data, for example Mobile App Protection prevents users from changing the sender ID of email ID to personal or non-business accounts, ensuring users cannot forward company data to their personal accounts.

This allows you as the business owner or IT administrator to control where your data is and where it can be sent or saved. As I mentioned a traditional on-premise server would struggle to replicate this level of control. If you have any questions please do get in touch using the details below!


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